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New Google Glass App Lets You Watch Sex From Your Partner’s Perspective

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Sex from his, her, and Siri's point of view.

POV porn is fantastic, but it only goes so far. Sure, you can watch a beautiful porn star give you a blowjob from your perspective, but you can't watch the blowjob from her perspective as you're actually getting head. Developers at the Wearable Tech Hackathon in London are attempting to pick up where famed porn app Tits and Glass left off by creating the first Google Glass App that lets you watch your own sex life from every angle. Yes, Hannah Horvath, that means watching yourself have sex as you have sex. Whereas MiKandi's Tits and Glass was pulled because it didn't meet Google's puritanical Terms of Services, Sex with Glass may get past the censors because it's a completely intimate, private stream.

The teaser app lets two Glass users sync up through their headsets while they're having sex, and mid-thrust, they can get a view from their partner's perspective through a camera feed. It also allows for third party viewing from a smartphone, if you're a fan of the panoramic view. After everyone has a few orgasms, the user sighs, "Ok Glass, pull out." Then you can upload all of the footage into a mini film that disappears just five hours later. It sounds like a dirty mumblecore Snap Chat. If Google ever approves it, it could be.

I'm all for people bringing tech into the bedroom wherever they want it, but there's one important caveat to this whole Sex with Glass app to consider: If you're watching from your partner's perspective, you may very well have to watch your own ass jiggle. You may very well glimpse your own butthole midcoitus. And then, to what extent are you actually just pretending to have sex with yourself? There are some things you simply can't unsee.

Image via Flickr.