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Stay Thrifty With Disposable Flasks

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Hard times call for interesting, some say drastic measures. (Don't judge me, grandma). For instance, when I became unemployed last year, to save some cash while keeping some semblance of an active night life, I took to bringing a flask around with me when I went out with my friends. One club soda, please!

There I was, footloose and bar tab free. The plan worked out exactly as I'd hoped: I didn't spend money, felt slightly mischievous, and loved the look of my slim silver flask as I slipped it out of my bag in the dark corners of the bar. My friend Jourdan even gave me a garter so I could strap that silver bullet to the outside of my upper thigh, really perfecting the package. I felt frugal, I felt Prohibition-esque, I felt the sudden desire to wear bustiers everywhere.

Naturally, one night I got drunk and lost both the flask and my little fantasy. Tragic yes, but I deemed it a good enough investment to get another one, which I promptly lost, as I apparently never learn.

Then I found Disposable Flasks.

They even come in leopard! I'll admit, they may not be as turn-of-the-century – they're updated, faster-paced, fitting a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants style, but still saving you money and still helping you live (sort of) dangerously. They're even reusable, so you don't have to worry about your alcohol consumption slowly killing planet earth.

So next time security checks your bag and spots your stash hiding underneath the copy of Play It As It Lays, a peanut butter granola bar, and fingerless gloves in your purse, all will not be lost. You've got four more grown-up Capri Sun look-alikes at home ready for your next adventure.