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Worst Lap Dance Ever Ends with a Guy on Fire

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What? He said "Make it hot."

Poor guy. All he wanted was to lay on his dingy rug (presumably from Target though it's unconfirmed) and have a stripper straddle him while all of his friends watched. Is this too much to ask?

While all of his dreams were coming true right before his (and roughly 20 other people's) eyes, the dude literally went up in flames. Let's break down what went wrong here. First, we have a stripper with a tramp stamp. Red flag! Then, she attempted to light a shot of Bacardi 151 on fire, while balancing both it and herself on his chest. Seriously, how has she not set anyone on fire before?

Thankfully, both the guy and the Target (presumably) rug were put out quickly. And shout out to the dickhead who threw his beer after the whole ordeal was over. You're a real gem of a friend.

[h/t Elite Daily]