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Stylish Portraits of Hip New Yorkers and Their Bikes

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The streets of New York are busier than usual, as the summer months bring on the warmer weather and hip New Yorkers take full advantage on their morning commutes. Bicycles are a strong second form of transportation (behind the subway) in the city, which has made numerous advancements in bike-friendly policies including the extremely popular Citi Bike program.

New York Bike Style, a book of full page portraitsĀ of trendy bikers, is a celebration of the most diverse, fashionable group of bikers in the world. Photographer Sam Polcer was inspired by the various looks of bikers he spotted throughout New York’s five boroughs. “These are people I wanted to photograph to show that riding here can look as wonderful as it feels,” he says in the book’s introduction. Each portrait is accompanied by the rider’s name, type of bike, location of the shoot, and where they’re headed. New York Bike Style was published by Prestel and is available here.

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David Byrne




Images via Sam Polcer.