Veronica, 22

What do you do?
I'm an unemployed student. I go to the New School for art history. I wouldn't date anyone I go to school with. Not because of the guys who are there, but it's more like having to see someone you break up with. You may as well date someone you work with. Also not smart.

Was there a certain quality that attracted you to your boyfriend?
We've been together for five or so months. When we met we were both drunk and started talking about The Smiths. Musical taste isn't necessarily important; I've dated an opera student before. We had little musical crossover, but I think that there are just certain things you're not going to have in common with people.

Has anyone done anything crazy to get your attention?
Not necessarily. There's crazy things normal people do and there's crazy things crazy people do. There's that kind of dude at a bar who's just screaming and following you. There are people who spend too much money on you but they barely know you. There's a whole spectrum of crazy. Once some dude was trying to hook up with me and then he went on a rant about how Muslims needed to be wiped from the planet. That was kind of interesting. Racism is normally not a good trait in people.

Where's the craziest place you have ever had sex?
Union Square Park. I don't know how that happened. I'm pretty sure I was around fifteen at the time. That's where my friends and I hung out and got drunk when we were stupid teenagers. We didn't get caught.

Did you parents ever give you any advice about sex?
A good story about my parents' views on life is... you know that Meatloaf song "Paradise by the Dashboard Light?" When I was five or six I asked them why he would say he's in love with this girl when he wasn't really in love with her. My mom told me that guys say stuff like that to get laid. And that was her life advice for me: that guys say stuff like that just so they can get laid. It's a good piece of advice to give to a girl growing up in New York City.

What do you think of the dating scene here?
It depends what you're looking for — whether you're actually trying to find a relationship or just get laid. I mean, if you're trying to get laid, just stay at a bar until closing and you'll notice people start to pair off. You just have to dramatically drop your standards and you're going to get laid. You're set. As far as dating goes, it's a little more difficult at times. I find that most people are dating people who they know through someone else. I guess it's easier to meet people that way — to meet people who have some sort of crossover in their social circle. I'd rather date someone who has some sort of relationship with somebody I know.

Have you ever had a same-sex experience?
Yes. I feel like people categorize themselves too much, and I'm just not into that. The whole idea of labeling sexuality or gender isn't something I necessarily dig. I just think that everything's on a spectrum, and people lose sight of that. I would say I'm attracted to people, not a gender or a certain kind of person. I find that most of the kinds of guys I tend to date have dark hair and dark eyes. As far as girls go, I like Hispanic girls, more ethnic-type girls. But as far as guys go, I like white boys.

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