Talking to Strangers: Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Nerve asks deeply personal questions to people we just met.


Yana, 27

Where are you from?
I'm from Haskovo, but I've lived in Plovdiv for three years. I work in a shoe store here.

Do you have customers hitting on you?
Oh yeah, they send me flowers or send other people to ask my name...

Have you ever dated a customer?
Yes, there was this guy who came in all the time. He bought shoes just to see me, he sent me flowers, and then he found my phone number somehow. I finally went out with him. We had dinner. It didn't work out, as I expected, but he was so insistent that I decided to give him a chance.

Do you have a boyfriend now?
Not exactly, I'm just flirting with someone. I don't really do long-term relationships. My longest one was three months and it happened around the same time last year.

How did you meet that guy?
We had common friends.

What kind of guys do you like?
I like funny, honest guys. Manly-looking, too.

How old were you when you first had sex?
Fifteen. It was horrible. I didn't like it at all. I was dating the guy for a month before we had sex and we did it at his place. We dated for two months more and then we broke up.

Where do you go to meet guys?
You can flirt everywhere here in Plovdiv! I usually meet guys at bars like Planet or Chervilo, but I go also on dates in quiet restaurants where you can have an actual conversation.

What's the biggest turn-off for you?
If the guy doesn't tip. I hate stingy men! That's very important in America, right? I've been there, actually.

Oh, yeah? Where in the U.S. have you been?
I was on a summer working program in Denver, Colorado and Gardiner, Montana couple years ago.

What do you think about the American guys?
They're cool and they communicate very easily.

Did you have a crush in America?
Yeah, but with a Bulgarian guy who was living in Denver. We had common friends and we saw each other only once. Then I moved to Montana and he took the plane and came to visit me for three days. It was good. We were going out on walks, we were talking a lot...

How long did you wait to have sex with him?
We had sex soon. There was no time for thinking, because I was just there for the summer.

Does size matter?
Yes. I've seen guys with small dicks once or twice, but it all ended up shortly. [Hiyo! - ed.]

Do you prefer one-night stands or relationships?
I can't say I like one-night stands more. I'm not against them — things happen impulsively and if I feel it that way I can do it — but I prefer if the sex is not just for one night. I like things with a future.

Do you have any crazy exes?
I like crazy guys! There's more adrenaline with them!


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