Stefan, 34

Are you from Reykjavik?
Originally, I'm from a town in the west of Iceland. But I live here now and work in a guesthouse.

Nice. Have you ever met anyone there that you've dated?
Dated, no. We don't date. But I have had some interesting affairs.

Can you tell me what the dating life is like in Reykjavik?
Weird. It's mostly you meet people at a party, so...

Do people just go out partying all the time? I know that the bars are open until six a.m.…
Mostly, yes. But we stay out even later than six a.m. at after parties. Every day of the week.

Wow. When do you sleep?
In the winter.

You hibernate. Of course. So, you meet people at parties and then what? Give me an example.
Sure. You just go to some kind of party, then you meet a girl, then you probably will see her again, because it's a small city, and then you might just ask her out to dinner or brunch or whatever.

And then she just goes with you?
Mostly, yeah. That's how people meet each other. At parties.

Have you ever met anyone not partying?
Sure, at school.

Have you ever been in love?
Who hasn't?

Many people haven't! Do you think Iceland is a romantic culture?
Yeah, you can find so many romantic places in Iceland it's unbelievable. In nature. That's my religion.

It is very spiritual here. Do you believe in love at first sight?

Okay, what do you believe in? Other than nature.
Other than nature? Myself.

You don't sound like the tough Viking I've had described to me…
We probably used to be like that. But now, so many of my friends are emotional.

Do they cry?

Do you cry?
No. But I was raised in the west. We don't cry there.

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