Maria, 19, and Gretar, 18

So, I'm trying to learn about the dating life in Reykjavik. Are you two dating?
M: Yes, we're together.

And how did you meet each other?
M: At a party. But we're at the same high school, because here it goes up to age twenty.

Could you tell me about dating in high school or junior college? Is there a dating life?
M: Not much. I think it's very different than America. We just don't really date, but of course there are couples.

Okay, then what do you do?
M: Well, people just meet at parties, hook up, become friends...

Is it friendships before relationships generally?
M: I think usually, more than you know, formal dates.
G: Or dinner and movies.
M: We went to movies though. And we still do. We went bowling last Monday! We went to the theater once.

What do you notice about your friends? Are they single, or in relationships? Do they have trouble meeting people?
M: Most of my friends are in relationships, but I would say more girls are in relationships, because they're often with older guys. Just a few years older, but...
G: Most of my friends are still single.
M: Women tend to date older, but not the men. But of course there are same-age couples.

Do you notice any stereotypes about Icelandic people…
M: Like Vikings or something?

Right, we've heard that the men try to be very tough.
M: Maybe foreigners think that but I wouldn't say that it's true.
G: No, not really.

So, are you an emotional person? Do you show emotions? Do you cry ever?
G: Not too much, no.
M: We haven't reached that point yet. Maybe someday.

Do you think Iceland is a romantic culture?
M: Well, that depends. Of course, the nature can be really romantic. And the midnight sun, it never gets dark. And the cold, you can cuddle. But of course, the cold can also be not romantic. You can't be outside and get to each other as much.

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