Moeidur, 18, and Sigrun, 18

How do you meet people in Iceland that you want to get with?
M: I think most people meet when they go out to party. It's the easiest way to meet a person.
S: There's a lot of partying. That's how you meet people.

Have you met people through partying? How does that work?
S: Most of the time, they come up to us. We meet up a few times while we're out and then they start to talk to us — we never go talk to them — and then we exchange information and that's it.

So, have you been in long-term relationships that start this way?
M: Um, no.
S: Yes. We went to school together but met partying.

What are you looking for in another person?
M: Personality. Funny person, good humor.

Do you find that people you know are in relationships or single or dating?
S: Most are in relationships. If you're single in Iceland, you're always dating someone. But it's not like you go on dates. You just talk, and hang out. Or if they're not dating, they're sleeping together.

Okay, on the sleeping-together point, I've heard that since Iceland is such a small country, so many people are related. Has this ever presented a problem?
M: No, I don't think so. Iceland is a little bit bigger than the world thinks. I'm not afraid if I meet a guy that he's going to be my cousin.
S: It happens sometimes, but not close-related. You would know that.

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