Talking to Strangers: San Francisco Cab Edition

Nerve asks deeply personal questions to people we just met... in a cab.

BY Ruth Tam

Frieda, 25

What do you do for a living?
I'm a waitress in the Mission.

Has waiting tables improved your love life?
It has!

Have people left their numbers on receipts and stuff like that?
Yeah, it's a connection. Nothing big has come out of it, though. It definitely leads to dating in the industry.

Does it lead to a lot of incest in your work family?

Is that a good or bad thing?
It's a great thing! It can be bad, obviously. A lot of people cheat. That's a con. But a pro is that you're working around alcohol and you wanna have a good time.

Have you ever hooked up at the restaurant?
Not the one I work at now. But I've had sex in a bar when the doors were already open for customers to come in. In the wine room. A room downstairs for private parties. I went down there to hook up with the guy I was dating and we ran into two co-workers down there doing the same thing.

So this is an established thing that people in the restaurant industry do?
I guess. It's harder here. Urban planning makes it a bit more difficult.

Would you ever date anyone outside the restaurant business?
Of course!

What's good-looking to you?
I don't know! I just got out of a five-year relationship and I saw other people and was like, "Whoa, I didn't know I was attracted to that kind of guy." Now I'm all over the place.

Do you still talk to your ex?
I haven't seen him, but I don't want to kill him anymore.

What do you do to cope after breakups?
I'm not the person to ask. I wish I hadn't done certain things.

Have you ever hooked up in a cab?
Yeah, lots of times! Mostly in Madrid. Yeah, I gave blowjobs. Let's end at blowjobs.

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