Talking to Strangers: Sofia, Bulgaria

Nerve asks deeply personal questions to people we just met.

BY Martina Dechevska

K-nex, 24

Where are you from?
I'm from Plovdiv.

So what are you doing in Sofia?
I'm visiting some of my friends and I'm going to see Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Do you have a boyfriend now?
Yes, we've been together for five years. We were at a show together and we met through common friends. I added him on MySpace and I started flirting with him. Then we went out on a date and we started making out.

How did you find out that he liked men?
I didn't. I just tried.

What's your special skill for flirting?
I've been told that I become a bitch when I want someone. I just feel what the person wants and I give it to him.

Are you into women?
No, I'm not sexually attracted to women at all.

Have you ever had sex with a woman?
Sex, no, foreplay, yes — kisses, fingering, and licking.


Do you remember your first love?
Oh yes. We met at a bar in Plovdiv. I was thirteen, and he was twenty-five. I was living with my parents, so every day I was taking a cab to his place. We were fucking every day and I was very blinded by him — he was in my mind all the time. One day I went to see him and his door was unlocked, so I walked in, and I found him in bed with some woman. I just turned around, left my bus ticket on the table, and I closed the door. Next day he texted me asking what happened and why I didn't show up. Then I found out he wasn't in bed with a woman but with a transvestite, and that he was a total slut — as a bartender in the biggest mix club in Plovdiv, he was with a different guy every night. He explained to me that this was normal. I was heartbroken, and I ended everything with him.

Do you prefer short-term or long-term relationships?
I've always wanted someone by my side, and I mean support. But I have a lot of dark fantasies. Sharing or one-night stands.

What's your darkest fantasy?
I have a fetish for sex with very straight guys.

Have you ever had a threesome?
Once with two much older guys, but it was only foreplay. I was sixteen; they were thirty and up.

And have you ever had a one-night stand?
Yes. A lot of times. It's fun.

What qualities should a guy have to be your boyfriend?
I don't look for qualities, but I look for someone who loves who I am.

If they legalize gay marriage in Bulgaria, will you marry your boyfriend?
No. I don't see the point. I don't think that "the signature" means anything, especially in Bulgaria.

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