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Tattooed Librarians Show Off Their Badass Ink

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These aren't the librarians you remember from high school.

If you're under the misconception that high school librarians are bitter, old hags, who constantly snark at unsuspecting teens to "Use your inside voice" – you are sadly mistaken. The new generation of librarians are not only young, but are good looking, sexy, and tatted up. 

Badass librarians are flaunting their sex appeal in a new "Tattooed Librarians of the Ocean State" calendar, a fundraiser for the Rhode Island Librarian Association. The 12 librarians, posing in the libraries which they manage, reveal cool personalities, love for literature, and unashamed tattoo pride. 

Sexy librarians may just be Rhode Island's greatest American since, um – great job on the librarians guys!

[h/t Design Taxi]