Ten Cute Girls on What They Wear to Get Laid

“I’d say classy over trashy, with a side of push-up bra.”


I wear an oversized man's T-shirt with some weird logo on it that I've cut into a dress. And no pants — just stockings. Every time I wear stockings I get hit on. Believe it or not, when girls who wear jeans all the time switch it up with stockings they definitely get noticed. Go for no-pants sometimes.


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Nov 23 10 - 1:18am

I walk by where Lindsey's standing every day!

Nov 23 10 - 1:20am

These cute girls need to smile more.

Jul 08 11 - 8:52am

i think they need to smile more and put something sexy on

Nov 23 10 - 1:32am

Other things Xiyin finds sexy: puke green nailpolish and emphyzema

Feb 23 11 - 2:24am

I was about to say, does Xiyin cease to wear her cigarette?

Nov 23 10 - 5:28am

4, 6, 8. In reverse order. And only because they look underage. A couple of these girls don't belong here.

Nov 23 10 - 5:29am

Sarah is neither cute or confident enough to say "I can get laid if I want to" lmfao

Nov 23 10 - 5:31am

Lindsey, Have u ever meet confidence in ur life, cuz u need to gosh. Almost cry with her answer.

Nov 23 10 - 5:35am

One tip, confidence will get u the right guy nd laid if u want. Dressing like a slut will attract douchebags.

Nov 23 10 - 5:40am

What these girls are wearing to get laid is the skin of a 20-something female. Duh.

Nov 23 10 - 11:26am
Cheshire Gent

Dee is hot to trot right there. The winner by a country mile...

Nov 23 10 - 11:55am

If you're a cute girl, you can wear a potato sack and get laid.

Nov 23 10 - 12:13pm


Nov 23 10 - 12:28pm

none of these chicks are even close to being cute - gross!!!!

Nov 23 10 - 12:36pm

I think Sarah(5) is cute, WTF. I'd take her to the drive-in.

Nov 23 10 - 12:58pm

Shenanigans on the title of this post.

Nov 23 10 - 1:07pm

Defausha is one sexy woman!

Nov 23 10 - 2:04pm

I think Amanda should just join the army.

Nov 23 10 - 3:10pm

each one of these girls is hot, each in their own special way

Nov 23 10 - 3:32pm

what was the point of this article?

Nov 23 10 - 3:40pm

This list could have been a bit more of a "rainbow coalition". Ceases to amaze me, this is NCY---as diverse as a city one can expect--a wide range of cute girls of shapes/colors giving their two cents.

Nov 23 10 - 3:44pm

oops. sorry about the typo---meant NYC--guess took the oomph out.

Nov 23 10 - 3:47pm

What's with all the entitled douchey men commenting on nerve articles these days?

Nov 23 10 - 4:13pm
Pop Culture Blows

@Wendy: lose theRonald McDonald cheeks.

@Katie: just one glass of wine and you're laid?

Nov 23 10 - 4:35pm

@Kate, the expression is "[it] *never* ceases to amaze me." Otherwise you're saying 'it doesn't amaze me,' which I believe is the opposite of what you're trying to say.

Nov 23 10 - 4:46pm

I would go lesbian for Lindsey. So cute.

Nov 23 10 - 4:56pm

All ladies have to wear is a vagina to get laid... and really that's even optional.

Nov 23 10 - 5:33pm
anonymous doofus

Sarah #5 is not bad looking, but pukey mint green is not a good color for her imo

Nov 23 10 - 5:42pm

All of these girls are dressing for other girls. Guys don't give a crap about trends and lace and patterns and style. We (women) wear that stuff to stand out to other girls (competition, if you will). All you really need is a pair of leggings, a tight and simple tee, and the confidence to carry it.

Nov 23 10 - 6:02pm

It seems, except Wendy and Alexandra the girls don't dress specially for cock hunting, instead they are trying to avoid the direct answer. Why didn't you found someone more open about themselves or someone more fit for these kin of questions?

Nov 23 10 - 7:09pm

Umm... In the city there sure are some guys who care about style, and they tend to be the kind of guys who I'm interested in. I have a couple of cute dresses which I call my "lucky dresses" and I'm sure you can guess why.

Nov 23 10 - 8:55pm

I think they're all nice.

Nov 23 10 - 11:01pm

What the fuck kind of bullshit article is this?! This is like Cosmo meets Fox News. Huge fail, Nerve. Appalled. This isn't even scandalous it is just dumb as shit.

Nov 23 10 - 11:34pm
Mr Fixie

Tessa is Molly Ringwald and Debbie Gibson's love child. As for Amanda....hi.

Nov 24 10 - 12:44am

am i the only one who noticed that these are just clips from old Tools of Attractions?

Nov 24 10 - 12:50am

I'm into Amanda.

Nov 24 10 - 12:51am

strange how I would never say I "won" something on ebay

Nov 24 10 - 12:53am

tessa = lady gaga and napoleon dynamite's love child

Nov 24 10 - 1:21am

Here's a big secret: Guys don't give a flying f*ck what a girl wears as long as she's attractive. A hot girl will look hot in a pair of jeans and a pocket t-shirt. Worry less about the clothes and worry more about the body. Put down fried foods and the Ding Dongs. Hit the gym several times a week. We're not talking about becoming anorexic. We're talking about getting in shape. Also, we don't care about hair.

Mar 04 11 - 3:19pm
Skinny bitch

And we girls actually don't give a shit about what car/bike/scooter you drive or how vintage your jacket is. But that's in life, not in bars. Men are attracted to sparkles, cleavage, and red lipstick. Yeah, that's because those things make girls look "easy," but it's like a fancy car makes a guy look "pimpin'". No one gives a shit the next morning and then we all go back into our sweats and sports bras and the 'effing elliptical.

Nov 24 10 - 3:04am
What I *know*

is all these quotes (and photos) were pulled from another regular feature. Lazy. I know it's a short week, but it's still only Tuesday.

Nerve started when I was broke, and I never subscribed. So I guess I have myself to blame for today's near total lack of quality content.

Nov 24 10 - 5:45am

Hey 'FryingPan', maybe these girls (or, I dunno, all girls) want a guy that's attracted to their specific 'lucky attire' or 'look'. Someone said in the article: "Sometimes it attracts the guys I want, sometimes it doesn't". So maybe sexist pigs who don't care about anything but the looks aren't something these girls find attractive, so they just want to find someone who finds them attractive AS THEY ARE. I couldn't stand assholes even on one night stands.

Nov 24 10 - 1:43pm

Sarah, a cute pose won't help you any, honey.

I vote for Dee.

Nov 24 10 - 2:05pm
Roy Lee Harwell

I completely care about what a girl is wearing. There's too many girls out there, you gotta differentiate yourself somehow.
Here's a secret some of the girls seem hip to, nylons and hose always work. Madonna herself said "*everyone's* a sucker for a garter belt".
Also, when a girl is wearing something like that, she changes. Some girls get this over-the-top confidence (not bitchiness, ladies) that's like miracle-gro for boners.

Nov 24 10 - 3:14pm

"it's spring"? Recycling articles again...

Nov 24 10 - 3:34pm
Mr. Obvious

It wouldn't matter if they were all wearing burlap sacks,they all would still get laid.

Nov 25 10 - 11:50am

Dear Nerve Editors, please stop recycling content you originally posted aaages ago. As others have pointed out, these are all snippets from old Tools of Attraction posts, and misleadingly titled at that. I'm sure you must feel like the post was a success, judging by the higher than average number of comments and 'Likes', but for longtime readers it's kinda disheartening to discover that an article which looked like a fun read turns out to be same old same old. At the very least just be upfront about the fact that you're recycling content, and these girls probably aren't wearing the same things to get laid (or not) now as they were six months or more ago when they were actually interviewed. Thanks.

Nov 25 10 - 4:48pm

Actually I got stopped by Sarah wearing that outfit. She said she wanted to take me to her house for some baked cookies. She then later raped me.

Nov 25 10 - 4:57pm

I know Sarah 5 and that's not a great picture of her. She's actually a goddess and you would die of happiness if she deigned to check you out in real life.

Nov 28 10 - 2:55pm

Seriously, notice that the girls said, "If," and "I would." Because they DON'T. So you asked the wrong girls. First, find girls who actually do go out to get it, and then get back to me.

Nov 29 10 - 1:14pm

didn't it say something about 10 cute girls? where is part two so I can check the other 7?

Nov 30 10 - 8:54pm

I'm gonna have to go with @Mr. Obvious up there. Look, I wouldn't speak for all guys, but if I find HER alluring enough to want to sleep with her, I probably wouldn't even notice what she's wearing. Some guys (not me) prefer only that they have a pulse. If you're trying to impress a man with your outfit, save your money. Not that I would speak for women either (heavens no), but I "think" women are more concerned about how they look among other women, much more than men who could really care less. I'm not sayin' be a slob. I'm just saying for most guys, it's probably far less important than you think.

Dec 01 10 - 4:09pm

As a lady who cleans up well, I'd have to disagree with those who are claiming that men don't really care about clothes and makeup. On a regular day of jeans and a t-shirt, I get one or two second looks. On a day when I dress well and put on makeup, I get phone numbers and spontaneous proposals of marriage.

Dec 01 10 - 5:13pm

I want to destroy Amanda and Defusha

Dec 01 10 - 8:59pm

good god, tessa. that outfit is NOT working

Feb 24 11 - 9:13pm

ha i agree

Dec 03 10 - 3:36am

Most of these girls aren't even very cute. That, or their styles actually make them less cute...

Dec 04 10 - 4:43am

I think the point of men noticing is that dudes notice the effort more than anything. When I see someone hot, I'm not thinking about her accessories and all that shit. I like the fact that she made an effort. Hair, stockings, cleavage, eyeliner etc. A gal in tee and jeans can look just as hot as a gal in some meant to impress get up. Its more about how she presents herself to people. A lot of gals I know who make absolutely no effort at all, act like they don't care and prefer to hide out. So why should we give a care about them?

Dec 10 10 - 6:30pm

I have a picture of my cat that looks like Tessa.

Dec 11 10 - 6:49pm

@JS -

Nasty comments. Happy people don't chew other people out - they don't have the time. The Dali Lama doesn't make crank calls or shoot down women who are simply sharing their style. I sincerely hope you lose your shitty attitude and realize that being a plesant human being is so much more rewarding.


Dec 14 10 - 7:11pm

Well... after hating on the guys' post, I had to read this one. at least a few of these girls are cute. and a wee bit less self-conscious than the loser emo-hipsters in the guys' version of this article. Yeesh, I have way to much time on my hands.

Jun 03 11 - 9:08am

I like Lindsey and Amanda the best.

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