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The 10 Most Attractive Things Men Do That They Don’t Know About

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Here's a hint: forearms.

For years, romcoms have been practically based on all the small, insignificant things that men and women do to make someone fall for them. Usually, it's the soft hair flip or the way a woman giggles, but the subconscious things that men do usually fall to the way side of the leading lady. So Redditors decided to let us in on some secrets. Here are 10 things that men don't even realize that they're doing, that make women swoon.

1. Softening Eyes

2. Relaxing After Work

3. Sweaters

4. Safe Driving

5. Forearms

6. Cooking

7. Being Nice

8. Passion

9. Being Protective 

10. Fatherly Instinct


Image via Veer