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The Ten Sexiest People We Saw Outside Our Office Yesterday Between 12 And 1 P.M.

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This lunch break is about to get sexy.

Seriously, she's making the food cart behind her look good. That's talent.

Somewhere, there's a very athletic pair of female twins that would just go to town on these two. And I would watch.

I got kind of a Pam Grier vibe from her. And I have a serious thing for Pam Grier. Like, clinical.

The polo shirt and dark chinos suggest safety, but the half-hidden arm-and-chest-tattoo say, "I've bent someone over a pool table before…and they loved it."

If she keeps that ennui-drenched look on her face at all times (if you get my drift [Matthew McConaughey laugh]), I would wife that in a minute.

First I thought, "I really like those boots." Then my gaze traveled upwards, and time went away.

I feel like this the "artful pile" Robert Smith is consistently going for (at failing at) with his hair. I also feel like if more Goths looked like this, I wouldn't regret buying that Fields of the Nephilim record so much.

I'll forgive the fact that he didn't look at me because of the painting of John Lennon and the upper-arm definition. 

She's like some kind of sexy… Christian.  

Those knowing half-smiles grate on me a little bit, but only because I'm so ungodly turned on by them.