20. "Barbed Wire Love," Stiff Little Fingers

Criminally underrated Irish punks Stiff Little Fingers have a ton of great songs, all fueled by singer Jake Burns' kicked-dog yelp. "Barbed Wire Love" made the personal wonderfully political, as Burns narrates a tale of teenage love with Ireland's Troubles as its backdrop. 

19. L7, "Till the Wheels Fall Off"

Quibble all you want about whether they're more grunge, or heavy metal, or whatever, but any band whose lead singer has thrown a used tampon into a crowd while still managing to be voraciously seductive and delivering lines like, "You and me 'til the wheels fall off / you and me, we just fit" is punk as fuck in our book.

18. "Things That Make No Sense," Dag Nasty

D.C.'s hardcore scene wasn't exactly known for its nuanced emotions, but Dag Nasty, arising from the ashes of Minor Threat, broke through the scene's macho posturing and holier-than-thou attitude with a boatload of hooks and musical chops. 

17. "Why Can't I Touch It?" The Buzzcocks

Since "Ever Fallen in Love... (With Someone You Shouldn't've)?" made it onto our list of the best breakup songs of all time, we're obliged to put this sneakily seductive tune on this list. Pete Shelley is probably talking about love as a concept, but there's just enough innuendo to make this song truly great.

16. "I Have A Date," Vandals

If you can't relate this song, you were never a teenager.


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