10. "I Am Yours," The Adicts

While it might cause a little confusion coming from the mouth of a man wearing joker makeup, surrounded by burly Englishmen dressed as Droogs, "I Am Yours" is a straightforward declaration of devotion from a band who knows a thing or two about commitment: The Adicts have the honor of being the longest-running punk band in history.

9. "Feeling Called Love," Wire

"Feeling Called Love" captures ambivalence, fear, enthusiasm, curiosity, conviction, and lust in under 1:30. That's punk.

8. "Sacred Love," Bad Brains

Personally erratic, musically deadly, and a live force to be reckoned with, Bad Brains were legends on the '80s hardcore circuit. Love wasn't a common theme in their lyrics, which is why "Sacred Love" remains such a touching outlier in their repertoire.

7. "Come Hither," Bratmobile

From oft-forgotten riot grrrl pioneers Bratmobile, "Come Hither" is a song about the most punk-rock way to approach love and sex: exactly on your terms and no one else's. "I got an all-girl band, I got nails to file / I got a thing for you, I'll only wait a little while."

6. "Favorite Thing," The Replacements

"You're my favorite thing." There are few better expressions of powerful-but-simplistic teenage affection, and few bands who could better pull off clumsy adolescent yearning through song like The Replacements.


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