19. Blake Schwarzenbach, Jawbreaker

Jawbreaker's literate tales of heartache (personal favorite: "Chesterfield King") were like finding the journal of that chain-smoking, handsome English major down the hall. And though Schwarzenbach paid for it, that black-lunged voice still sends chills to all the right places.


18. Patti Smith

Patti Smith is certainly striking, but she's not exactly a looker. What makes her sexy beyond measure, though, is the way she disappears when she performs — she's like the mystical shaman-poet Jim Morrison always wanted to be. We don't know where she's going when she tears into one of those stream-of-consciousness rants, but we want to go there with her.


17. Kathleen Hanna, Bikini Kill

Kathleen Hanna is better known for her dance-punk projects Julie Ruin and Le Tigre at this point, but we've chosen to immortalize her for her status as the first riot grrl. Whether you'd rather get manhandled by her in a mosh pit or dance all night with her in a Brooklyn loft, there's no denying Hanna's remained quite the looker over the years.


16. Grant Hart, Hüsker Dü

Bob Mould had the more visible career post-Hüsker Dü, and is probably who most people think of when the band is mentioned. He also seemed like kind of an asshole. Hart, on the other hand, was writing songs like "Books About UFO's," which were a nicely sunny counterpoint to Mould's gloom. We'll take Hart's sleepy-eyed, teddy-bear sexuality over Mould's glowering any day.


15. Mike Ness, Social Distortion

Mike Ness's sex appeal comes from how he somehow manages to embody literally every person your mother told you never to date. He's the ne'er-do-well greaser from the wrong side of the tracks with few non-musical redeeming qualities, but that snaggle-toothed grin sandpaper voice would somehow convince you to stay a while longer, at least for one night.


14. Jesse Michaels, Operation Ivy

Jesse Michaels is a puppy dog of a punk rocker. His kinetic stage presence and exuberant voice is what made Operation Ivy like Mountain Dew for the soul. "To resist despair in this world is what it means to be free," he sang in "Sound System," and we would follow that kind of positivity anywhere, especially between the sheets.


13. Milo Aukerman, The Descendents

A pioneer in the field of nerdy cuteness, Milo Aukerman always came off like an ideal fantasy boyfriend — warm, funny, edgy enough to be exciting but sweet enough to bring home to Mom. (And emotionally supportive!)


12. Amy Miret, Nausea

That Amy Miret was able to hold her own as one-half of the vocals behind Nausea (one of this list's most all-out abrasive bands) is something. That she was able to do it while remaining positively adorable is something else entirely.


11. Ian Curtis, Joy Division

It's tempting to conflate "tortured" with "sexy," but Curtis was first and foremost a talented musician and a magnetic performer. That's where his sexiness came from, not the cult of personality that sprang up after his death, and that's the memory we're honoring. With... arousal.


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