10. Paul Simonon, The Clash

Once crowned "The Most Handsome Man in London," Paul Simonon dispelled the idea that punk was the province of asexual, weird-looking freaks. The boy could glower with the best of them, and once you strapped a bass on that lean frame, that was all she wrote.

9. Carrie Brownstein, Sleater-Kinney/Wild Flag

Carrie Brownstein (and Sleater-Kinney as a whole) were a thorn in the side of the tired "girls can't rock" axiom for their whole career. Take that musical intensity, and combine it with cute-as-a-button looks and legitimate comedic chops (what other '90s rocker can you imagine anchoring a show with Fred Armisen?) and you've got a singular, unbeatable, package.


8. Guy Picciotto, Fugazi

Ian MacKaye might have made Fugazi anthemic, but Guy Picciotto made them sexy. His intensity onstage manifests in some weirdly sensual dance moves, and, contemplating his beetle-browed gaze, we can't help but wonder if said moves translate to the bedroom.


7. Paul Westerberg, The Replacements

Enter a Replacements concert in the early '80s, and you'd see a gruff Midwestern old soul in the beflanneled body of a teenage janitor, either singing his heart out for thwarted love, or self-destructing in a fireball of alcohol-induced covers. Like good sex itself, Paul Westerberg was unpredictable.


6. Tim Armstrong, Rancid

Tim Armstrong's tales of punk-rock heartbreak and life on the seamier side made Rancid huge for a big swath of the '90s. His loopy stage presence and great abs entranced thousands of youngsters; we still cherish a fond fantasy of a private acoustic rendition of "Ruby Soho."


5. Poison Ivy, the Cramps

Glaring, strutting, and wielding a Gretsch the size of a Cadillac, Poison Ivy was a beautiful onstage counterpart to Cramps frontman Lux Interior's particular brand of insanity. She effortlessly combined pinup looks with musical intensity for an intoxicating brew legions of girls everywhere are still working to perfect.


4. Henry Rollins, Black Flag

Henry Rollins might have been a borderline-psychopath with a microphone during his time in Black Flag, but there's no denying his chiseled sexiness. Then you find out he's also a spoken-word poet, and your heart melts a little. It's always good to have a sensitive guy who could also punch a grizzly bear to death for you.


3. Joan Jett

Joan Jett's early work may be punk more in spirit than in letter, but at this point, she's been out there consistently kicking ass onstage for well over thirty years. And we'd be remiss to ignore that if anything, she looks better now than she did then


2. Iggy Pop

Iggy Pop might look like an old baseball glove at this point, but the man is sixty-five, and will still blow people half his age offstage. His crooning baritone is as sexy as ever, and we're talking about the man who invented an entire brand of slithering onstage sexuality. We don't know if we'd have survived a night with Iggy at his prime, but we'd have been willing to take that risk.


1. Joe Strummer, The Clash

Joe Strummer was a good-looking guy, to be sure. But it's the fiery commitment to change, to betterment, and to expanding the boundaries of what you can do with music and the world, that makes Joe Strummer the sexiest punk of all time.

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