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The 50 Hottest Male Trainers In America 2014

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See Shape's master list of fitness hunks.

Last year, Shape went on a manhunt to find and introduce us to the Top 50 Hottest Trainers in America (with a few Canadians we just couldn't leave out). We loved the list so much, they decided to do it again this year, conducting another extensive and exhausting (really, looking at fit guys is hard work) search to round up 50 more strapping gents to share their motivational fitness philosophies, tell us the No.1 exercise we should keep doing, and show their muscles. 

We're featuring 10 of our favorite fitness gents here, but you can visit Shape for the complete list of 50. And be sure to check out the 50 Hottest Female Trainers in America and vote for the fittest woman too!

Jeremy Scott

30, coach, personal trainer, Scottsdale, AZ

Fitness philosophy: Eat well, train hard, and be nice to people. I guess you can say that's just my life philosophy. My goal for everyone I get the chance to work with is to help them make the rest of their life the best of their life. No matter if they want to drop some weight, get their sexy back, or look like Rambo, I want them to enjoy the process and make it a fun lifestyle they can take with them for the rest of their life.
Exercise women look sexiest doing: Deadlifts
Favorite quality in a woman: My favorite quality in anyone is "being nice"—coming with a smile, being positive, and creating value in others people's lives.
Relationship status: Engaged
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Anthony Terrell

31, personal trainer, assistant MMA coach, professional MMA fighter, Philadelphia, PA

Best race time: My fastest knockout win was 23 seconds into the first round (knockout by head kick).
Biggest gym pet peeve: People who show up late to class to skip the warm-up.
Proudest fitness accomplishment: Being in the best shape of my life so that I can compete successfully as a professional athlete.
Exercise women look sexiest doing: Squats or any kind of Pilates or yoga
Relationship status: Single
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Tim McComsey

31, owner of TRYM Fitness LLC, NASM-certified personal trainer, performance enhancement specialist (PES), registered dietitian, Dallas, TX

Fitness philosophy: Be as healthy as you can on the inside, and as a result get the body you want.
Best race time and type: 20:30 5K
Biggest gym pet peeve: Members talking loud on the cell phone and staring in the mirror
Proudest fitness accomplishment: First place in the 2013 National Physique Committee Europa Super Show Men's Physique Competition in Dallas
Relationship status: In a relationship
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Michael Wittig

37, personal trainer, Broken Arrow, OK

Fitness philosophy: Work hard to be hard in the gym, but don't forget about the other 23 hours in the day. It’s more than just looking good. The goal is to be healthy, which also involves eating right, drinking water, and getting rest. I am into keeping it simple. Things don't have to be complicated.
Proudest fitness accomplishment: Every message, text, or comment I get from clients saying how I am helping change their lives is a proud moment for me. I am very thankful to do what I love and be helping people.
Exercise women look sexiest doing: Of course squats. But I also find it sexy when small women are lifting more weight than the typical man on any lift.
Relationship status: Married
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Corey Taylor

26, HIIT specialist, Atlanta, GA

Fitness philosophy: Only with challenge, comes change.
Best race time: 4:43 mile
Working out with your woman: Good idea, because couples that train together stay together, but bad idea, because if she looks too good, I might get distracted. 
Favorite quality in a woman: Intellect
Relationship status: Single
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Ryan Kowalski

33, master personal trainer, Littleton, CO

Fitness philosophy: The answer to "How…?" is "Yes!" Willingness is the key to unlocking any dream. Don't resist yourself. You don't have to feel like going, you don't have to want to go, you just have to stay positive, keep your dream in sight, put your sneakers on, and go. You can do anything!
Pushups before exhaustion: 115
Best race time: 30-minute Man of Steel Challenge (300 squats, 200 pushups, 200 sit-ups, 100 pull-ups, 1 mile run)
Hidden talent: Drummer, illustrator, artist
Celebrity crush: In my gym my wife is celebrity, so 100% my wife!
Working out with your woman: Great idea! The best way to do it is do a workout your girl does. It's a great way to bond and have fun doing something she'll love.
Exercise women look sexiest doing: They always look sexy doing any kind of exercise.
Relationship status: Married

Torrey Penn

37, personal trainer, Madison, WI

Fitness philosophy: I have a passion for helping people achieve the physical goals that they want, whether it's building muscle, losing fat, eliminating a nagging injury, living a happier life, or a combination.
Best race time: 2:15 Tough Mudder
Proudest fitness accomplishment: Winning the National Physique Committee Wisconsin State Bodybuilding Men's Physique competition
Sweat: turn-on or turn off: Depends on the situation. Workout? Yes, it means you’re working hard. Sitting having a drink? Not so much.
Relationship status: Married
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Patrick Frost

25, master instructor, New York, NY

Fitness philosophy: A hard body requires hard work, and if you work hard, you should play hard too! Enjoy the challenge and respect the time it takes to see the change. Fitness should be fun.
Power song: Anything Iggy Azalea
Hidden talent: I can cook my butt off.
Working out with your woman: I've always steered clear of this. Sometimes the chemistry you have outside the gym is not the same in the gym.
Relationship status: Single
Facebook: Patrick Frost

Evan Sharpley

27, personal trainer; strength, speed, and agility coach; quarterback and baseball trainer, Elkhart, IN

Fitness philosophy: Go big or go home.
Pull-ups before exhaustion: 51
Best race time: 2:20 Tough Mudder
Biggest gym pet peeve: People who sit on a machine and text
Working out with your woman: Great idea! I worked out with my wife a few times when she was getting ready for Miss America, and she kicked my butt!
Favorite “girly” workout: Piloxing
Relationship status: Married
Follow: @EvanSharpley

Matt LeMond

27, personal trainer, Alta Loma, CA

Fitness philosophy: In the absence of a challenge, there is comfort. In the presence of comfort, there is no change.
Pushups before exhaustion: 75
Biggest gym pet peeve: People whose sole purpose at the gym is to socialize
Proudest fitness accomplishment: Finishing the 2013 L.A. Marathon
Working out with your woman: I’ve found that couples who work out together, especially if they keep each other in check in terms of fitness, often get the best results.
Exercise women look sexiest doing: Walking lunges
Favorite “girly” workout: Yoga
Relationship status: Single
Facebook: Le Mond Fitness Systems

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