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The Craziest Things We Did as Sex-Crazed Adolescents

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"We got in her little brother's racecar bed."

As we approach our early to mid teen years, weird hair starts to grow in dark places, voices crack, breasts arrive, and an inevitable cloud of insatiable horniness sets in. Such is the life of a curious, sex-crazed adolescent. User rhandyrhoads asked his fellow Redditors to take a trip down memory lane and confess the most desperate things our eager young libidos lead us to do. Here are the wildest, weirdest, and toothpastiest results of our formative years.

Made Lube out of Household Products

Had Fun with Any and All Vibrating Objects

Played with Our Food

Masturbated Everywhere We Could

Got Busy in Detention

Had Sex in Humiliating Places

Got a Little Too Friendly with Our Stuffed Animals

Tried Anything to Cop a Feel

Took Really, Really Stupid Risks

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