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The Greatest Fifty Shades Cash-Ins in Press-Release History

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We get a lot of publicity emails here at Nerve. Once, these referenced a wide range of cultural phenomena. But for the past year or so, barely a press release has broached our shores without mentioning Fifty Shades of Grey. Obviously, we're compelled to pay attention to these important works:


1. A book called "The Beginning: Intimate Misfortunes" by "Maryland woman"


2. A sexy, steamy rom-com called "30 Beats"


3. A compilation of classical recordings

"Hey babe, let's put on some Mussorgsky and fuck."


4. A book called "Eighty Days Yellow"


6. Another classical album

Pretty sure the "dark side of classical music" is the fact that everyone under sixty is listening to dubstep, but whatever. Chopin's a definite panty-dropper. The David Lee Roth of the classical world, if you will.


7. Advice from a boy-toy who's slept with hundreds of women, most of them were another man's woman too

He does sound like a great guy.


8. Erotic reads for men

Not sure this is going to work. Sports? Sex? Hot young intern? Yeah! But reading? No way, broduski.


9. Gay travel guides, which are apparently a thing


10. Judaism

Yeah, that Judaism.


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