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What Did You Do Last Night?: “Practiced my harmonica skills late into the evening. My roommates want me dead.”

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Come to think of it, so would we. 

So how'd all you lovely people spend your week? Working? Scarfing down chain-restaurant burrito after chain-restaurant burrito? Staring listlessly off into the middle distance? Of course not! You're Nerve members, and you're the most interesting people we know. You're too busy sailing on yachts and creating transcendent works of art and checking out that new Ridley Scott joint to be kept down by the mundane shackles of the everyday grind. Every time you log in to Nerve, you're asked "What did you do last night?" Here are some of our favorite answers this week.

Angriest Inner-Child Award

  • "After spending a week with my five-year-old niece at Disney World, is it totally wrong for me to hate every princess, fairy, and character?"

The "Same Thing We Do Every Night, Pinky!" Award

  • "Didn't have casual sex. Again."

  • "Held a solo half-naked dance party in my bedroom."

  • "Rolled around on the floor with nine other people, some of them friends."

Finally Figuring Out How to Eat New York Cheesecake Pancakes Without Hating Yourself Award

  • "Rode my bicycle from Queens to NJ, and had pancakes at IHOP. Then rode back."

No Jury Would Convict Them Award

  • "Practiced my harmonica skills late into the evening. My roommates want me dead."

  • "It's going to be all-polka, all weekend."

Best Not To Mention That On A First Date Award

  • "I would be honored to have Gina Carano kick my ass."

  • "Getting ready for another day of playing with brains."

Truth In Relocating Award

  • "Nothing like moving to make you reevaluate this whole possessions thing."

  • "Apartment hunting in New York City is a huge pain in the ass."

Most Awkward Reminder the New Season of True Blood Just Started

  • "Went to a BBQ and was eaten alive by mosquitos. People kept telling me I have ‘very sweet blood.'"