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15 Unbelievable Sex Brags from Secret-Sharing App ‘Whisper’

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Really, where did you get a bucket of jalapeño juice?

Everyone is real ready to tell anonymous strangers on the internet all of their secrets. It's the attraction of secret-sharing apps like Whisper and Secret, which serve as the digital age's answer to the immensely popular Post Secret series. Inside these apps, the many million users divulge their most private experiences and undisclosed desires with text overlaid on images. As you might expect from any anonymous app, Whisper's stream is clogged with solicitations for sex (23, M, tonite) and complaints about the news (ugh, Colbert, amirite?), but a surprising amount of sex boasts wash up on the shores of Secretland too.

From sexual encounters in odd public spaces to a disproportionate amount of theft, Whisper is chock full of sex secrets that seem a little less than believable. And why not? If you're going to post anonymously on a secret app, you probably feel compelled to regale your audience with the tallest tale possible, even if it does involve getting it on to Sarah McLachlan. Here are the weirdest, funniest, and least believable sex brags we came across.