The Ten Least Desirable Casual Encounters of the Past 48 Hours

Some of these sound anything but "casual."

by Dustin Bird

The "casual encounters" section of Craigslist is a magical place where anything goes. Seriously, anything. While we're well aware of the subjectivity of sexual arousal, and we're not trying to shame anyone, here are some of the oddest that have popped up in the past forty-eight hours. 


You know, of all the things that the Democrats and the gays and the poors have succeeded in eradicating from America, it's the anonymous fucking in movie theaters that I miss the most. 


I distinctly remember having seen this ad before. Kind of makes me sad he still hasn't found his patient. 


The best part about slutty secretarial work is that you set your own hours. 


You know what? He's got a good attitude. I hope he found his gassy FWB.


There aren't 100 of these! And they're not reasons at all! This is all wrong!

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