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These Naughty Vintage Postcards from the 1950s Are Still Really Clever

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In the late 1800s, Britain's Royal Mail granted the first permission to manufacture and distribute picture postcards. Much like postcards you still see in trendy bookstores today, the original images were of landmarks, buildings, celebrities, and artist renderings. It was around the 1930s that saucy cartoon cards peaked in popularity, selling nearly 16 million a year, thanks to artists like Donald McGill and Phil Miller, who operated under the pen name Pedro. The cards are essentially visualizations of tacky double entendre jokes about big boobs, dicks, and the ever classic "pussy" joke. And as attitudes about sex changed and the cards were no longer a necessary form of raunchy expression, the vintage pieces are still very clever. They serve as an iconic piece of sexual communication, at a time when erotica wasn't widespread and big winking jokes ruled.

Postcards from the Past has curated an impressive collection of these lost art forms, thanks to David Gregory's extensive personal collection, user submissions, and ebay. Take a look at some of our favorites below.

Images via Old Stratford Upon Avon