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This 1920s Fetish Wear Is Shockingly Modern

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Leather never goes out of style.

These photos show the fantastic stylings of fashion designer Yva Richard, who was well known throughout France for his envelope-pushing fetish and BDSM gear in the 1920s. Teaming up with his seamstress wife Nativa, Richard branded himself as one of the first erotic lingerie purveyors, daring to sell suggestive photography (most often modeled by his wife) with his fetish wear.

Over the decades, Richard's line expanded to include BDSM essentials like leather corsets, high-heeled leather boots, handcuffs, collars, masks, crops, and even cone bras. While Yva Richard would go on to influence the next generation of fetish photographers like John Willie and Irving Klaw, the most surprising thing about his progressive work is how similar it looks to our contemporary fetish wear and erotic photography. When it comes to the world of sexual exploration, leather never goes out of style.

Below is NSFW.

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Image via Spanking Art.