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This Illustrator Has a Creative Way of Exposing Your Dirty Little Secrets

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Even if she has to get a little dirty herself. 

New York based illustrator Sarah Rosado likes to make really dirty art. In July 2013, she began a new mixed-media project she called "Dirty Little Secrets," where she blends her imagination and artistic ability with a really unique medium – dirt. The unexpected result are charming photos of objects people might deem as guilty pleasures, personal passions, or embarrassing obsessions.

Sarah was inspired by artists who work with food and began brainstorming unique materials she could adapt into her drawings. Sarah begins her process by drawing out the image in dirt, which she gathers from local NYC parks, using mainly her bare hands. She then likes to add additional accessories (like ribbon, tree branches, tissue paper, or her own lip-print) to make each piece come to life. 

Over the last six months, Sarah has created more than 100 pieces of art and has not plans to stop the series. Here's a look at some of our favorites.

Images via SR Artwork