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This Is What Sex Is Like On Pot, Ecstacy, Acid and a Bunch of Other Drugs

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They tried it so you don't have to.

Have you ever wondered what sex would be like on drugs you've never tried? For the less adventurous among us, it's unlikely you'll never experience some lovin' while high on Magic Mushrooms. But there's good news! These authors experimented with it all so that you don't have to. We've collected the best first-hand accounts from Nerve and beyond about sex under the influence of everything from Ancient Chinese sex medicines to ecstasy to heroin (remember to please never do heroin ever).



"From what I can remember, as soon as I entered her and we hit a rhythm, my penis felt like a metal rod, pointed north like a compass. Previously, whenever I'd heard the phrase 'time lost its meaning,' I'd laughed at the cliché. But that's exactly how I'd describe the sex we had." [Read more]

Ecstasy (and/or Molly)


"While going down on her, I maneuvered her legs so they were propped over my shoulders and I could feel them running down the length of my back. My little soldier was somewhat out of the game although a little happier than when I was on the mushrooms. Forty minutes later, my wang was being wholly uncooperative. Even a helping hand wasn't actually helping." [Read more]



"After a little while, I became acutely aware that my heart was pounding fiercely. I did another line off the small of Erica's back and got behind her. I was stiffer than a roll of quarters, and I wanted to fuck hard. My heart pounded faster."

"A mild tremor ran through my body. I felt the need to anchor myself to Erica. I gripped her waist as tightly as I could and dug my fingertips so far into her ass cheeks I'm surprised I didn't leave permanent indents. I felt kind of nasty, like some awful Wall Street archetype." [Read more]



"Of course, it's pretty much common for most people to lose desire for sex when using, but for myself, I find it quite the opposite. After feeling the warm rush overtake me, I'm all over my boyfriend like a cat in heat. Even if I'm nodding I still get sexy feelings despite being pretty much immobile, skin on skin contact is very intense. I even am able to have pretty intense orgasms as well. I find sex on dope very much similar to the soft skin feeling of MDMA. My boyfriend also enjoys being intimate while high if he is able to have an erection, although he does not feel as horny as I do when we dose together." (But please, do not do heroin guys. Seriously).



"Erica and I began to kiss and writhe around, but strangely enough, sex was the furthest thing from my mind. The mushrooms I had taken were supposed to be magic, but my penis was looking decidedly shiitake-like." [Read more]



"In a way, our lack of successful penetration points to the real nature of sex on acid. If you're willing to make a distinction between the sexual and the sensual (though they often overlap), my sexual side was hard to access, and I was less entranced sensually while inside her than I was while dictating her experience with my lips and fingers." [Read more]



According to a Jezebel writer, "There's something  different about sex on Adderall that I couldn't put my finger on until the other night: It's way more physical than mental. Needless to say, my guy loves my rebirth as an easy-to-please Adderall sex fiend, but there's only one drawback: I don't feel like giving another blow job ever again. Oh well. Tradeoffs!"



"The inherent disconnect between my genitalia and brain widened exponentially. Penises are often referred to as tools, and that's exactly what mine felt like: a woodlike, dildonic prosthesis that was being ridden with little emotional or physical input from me. The experience was strangely feminizing: for the first time, I was a passive partner during sex, able to fuck without necessarily being turned on or even having my head in the game." [Read more]

Chinese Herbal Sex Medicines

"I was surprised and unphased all at once. I didn’t think these pills would turn me into a superman horndog Genghis Khan of love, but I certainly didn’t think that some of these remedies would mirror my perceived effects of fucking crystal meth. The Romantic High was a bust, though I’m curious if it’s one of those things that work over the course of a few weeks. The China Mong Num was surprisingly effective, but more in the sense that it made me feel happy and, I think, helped my memory. A small part of me believes it aided in me becoming a sensational whistler, but a bigger part of me thinks I was just born a good whistler. The little black pill made me want to die and I hope the people who made it are all in prison." [Read more]

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