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This Lube Commercial Tells a Surprisingly Heartwarming Story

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No silly antics here.

A typical advertisement for a personal lubricant often features couples alluding to sexual acts in various exaggerated scenarios, like on the counter at the pharmacy or in the middle of a busy restaurant. Gun Oil, a brand of sexual wellness products for men, decided to skip the antics and provide a touching storyline of patient, lasting love in their latest Valentine's Day commercial.

As the voice over takes you through the lonely day of this poor guy, you have to assume he's experienced a recent heartbreak, which has sent him to in a daily routine of depression, bed moping, and house wandering. Without giving away any spoilers, the sexy hunk gets a romantic surprise from porn star Dominic Pacifico, who plays his husband. 

The commercial is only a minute long, but the lube still managed to tell a more compelling love story than all four Twilight books put together. Check out the heartwarming Valentine's Day ad here.