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This Middle-Aged Man Wrote Erotica to Spice Up His Marriage

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Steve Fromm, aka J.F. Silver, is a published author for the first time at 57.

The most adorable middle-aged couple you can possibly imagine are actually secret smut peddlers. Steve Fromm, a 57-year-old from suburban Milwaukee, was dissatisfied with his day job cleaning houses, and began writing erotic fiction to entertain his wife Beth. Steve had always dreamed of being a writer, and Beth encouraged him to keep trying, often suggesting plot ideas. Now, seven years after he began writing erotica, Steve is a published author. His first e-book, Mr. & Mrs Average Joe, came out in February from Stiff Rain Press, and he has two more in the works.  

Mr. & Mrs. Average Joe, published under the perfect pen name J.F. Silver, tells the story of a long-married couple (Steve and Beth have been married for 37 years) named Joe and Elaine (Steve and Beth's middle names) who "invite other couples into their bed" and eventually form a "sort of monogamous mass" with another couple. Steve and Beth emphasize, however, that the stories are just fantasy. They've received offers to become swingers, but they say their sex life together is happy and healthy, thank you very much. 

Steve and Beth hope the stories help arouse other couples their age whose sex lives may be suffering. "We're finding out that a lot of people our age, they're either not very active (sexually) or they have given up, or once a year on birthdays or Valentine's Day maybe. It's sad," Steve told the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.

If this video of mild-mannered Steve reading his filthy smut doesn't get you hot and bothered, no matter what age you are, you may be beyond help. 

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Image via Mike Di Sisti.