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This Movie Theater Will Offer Free Admission to Babies at ‘Nymphomaniac’ Screenings

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Popcorn not included.

New York City's Sunshine Cinema is one of many movie theaters around the country to offer daytime screenings for parents with very young (and often very loud) children. The adults pay the standard admission price, but the babies watch for free. What's up next for the so-called "Rattle & Reel" series? Nymphomaniac.

The first installment of Lars Von Trier's orgasm extravaganza hits theaters in a limited release on Friday, but its explicit sexual content (it's a movie called Nymphomaniac, folks) has already made it the most notorious film of the year. I think it's a perfect choice for Rattle & Reel.

Have you talked to a baby lately? Tiny humans may be wonderful, life-affirming rays of sunshine, but — I say this with love — they're dumb. Really, really dumb. Babies have no idea what is happening around them, and will remember absolutely none of this. I'd be far more concerned about the potentially traumatizing effects of loud noises and bright lights than on-screen sex. And what about the welfare of their wearied caregivers? Sometimes a grown-up just needs to get out of the house and admire Shia LeBeouf's penis for a couple hours, no questions asked.

Babies and former babies alike can catch noon showings of Nymphomaniac at Sunshine on March 26 and April 2. See you there.

[h/t Variety]

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