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This New App is Perfect for Long Distance Love Making

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Lovense Long Distance Love Toys

Lovense is a new pair of interactive sex toys you can control via your Android. Named "Max" for men and "Nora" for women, the toys react to the other's movement to bring a realistic sexual experience for two people across the street, the country, or the globe from one another.

Max is a sleek, modern sex toy designed for men. Slide it on your member and Max will replicate the realistic sensation of a woman's vagina during sexual intercourse. Nora, which only comes in hot pink for now, provides enjoyable rotations and vibrations to mimic the arousal provided by a man's penis.

Lovense is currently seeking funding to take their products and Android app into production. The company hopes to raise an additional $35K before January 12, 2014. 

Take a look at exactly how the products work in this NSFW video.