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This Very Racy Commercial Showcases Dozens of Orgasms and Proves British TV Is Way Better

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This ad would never air in America.

A solid minute of moaning from couples having sex on mattresses, cars, and even a barbed wire fence seems common in today's condom ads. But this spot isn't trying to sell you anything "ribbed for her pleasure," but rather the idea of using a condom at all.

The International HIV/AIDS Alliance, who created the commercial, works to provide prevention, treatment, care, and support for those who are or could be affected by HIV and AIDS. With this Valentine's Day donation push, they're encouraging everyone to indulge in "magnificent, mind-blowing, and safe sex" with The Come Together Box. For a donation of $33, the alliance will mail you one of these limited edition boxes including a blindfold, leather tickler, lubricant, and scintillating card game. 

The television spot, which will air on the UK's Channel 4 tonight for one-time-only, is already being called one of the most racy advertisements ever to be seen on British TV. It's no doubt the controversy is found in the combination of couples being featured – including both gay and straight couples, threesomes, transgendered men and women, interracial partners of both sexes, and niche fetishes like furries. The alliance states that "as long as you experience sex in a consensual, open and safe way, you should be free to explore your sexuality and indulge your sexual desires, even if some parts of society might judge you for them." Amen.

Visit We Come Together to make a donation and watch the commercial below.  

[h/t The Independent]