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This Week in Sex: Oct 22

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Gay penguins, Chilean miners, and the anatomically correct bronze sculpture everyone wants to grope.

Nude sculpture's penis is showing signs of wear-and-tear

A giant sculpture in New York City's Time Warner Center has become something of a tourist attraction — for its life-sized penis. And the twelve-foot-tall sculpture's anatomy — at face-level for most adults — is apparently irresistible. Most of the sculpture is a dark bronze, while the big guy's dick has been burnished to a dull gold by all the groping patrons of the arts.

This Week in Sex

Penguins have gay flings when there aren't enough females around

A few years ago, two male penguins in Germany made it into the news — the pair not only had a monogamous, sexual relationship together, they hatched and raised a chick. Now, a new study claims that while twenty-eight percent of penguins have homosexual sex, they only do so when opposite-sex partners are unavailable. Conservatives were right all along. 

This Week in Sex

Chilean miners deny rumors of gay sex, cannibalism

Chilean miners, it seems, are not like penguins. They do not have sex with other miners in the absence of womenfolk, especially not while the whole world is watching. In an interview this week, one of the miners fervently denied the gay-sex-in-the-mine rumors (which, come to think of it, we hadn't actually heard until he started denying).

This Week in Sex

Guy faces ten years in prison after downloading Simpsons porn

A middle-school teacher in Idaho pled guilty to downloading 70 cartoon pornographic images to his computer — many of which contained (theoretically) underage Simpsons characters. Technically, animated pictures of "Lisa gone wild" aren't illegal. (The man also had actual child-porn.) They are, however, weird.

This Week in Sex

South African director produces socially conscious porn

A porn director in South Africa is making an adult film with an all-black cast and condoms in every scene — and marketing it as porn with a message. For a country with the world's highest HIV rates and a fraught racial history, it surely is, though that doesn't make the idea of public-service porn any less funny. The More You Know!

This Week in Sex

The pearl necklace you shouldn't wear to a job interview

Amorphously cast, silver "pearl necklace": $420. Overnight shipping: $25. Walking around all day tomorrow with a very expensive blob of semen on your neck? Um, $445. 

This Week in Sex

Tyra Banks sued by teen sex addict's mom

We're not sure what's harder to believe — the sexual adventures of the girl in question, whose experiences at age fifteen would make most over-the-hill rock stars feel tame — or that someone in charge of booking would forget to get parental permission for obviously underage guests before putting them on national TV to talk about their sex lives.

This Week in Sex

Olympic sprinter admits to taking "performance enhancement" drugs

This week, Olympic medalist LaShawn Merritt was cleared of steroids charges. He failed drug tests after taking ExTenze — a sexual-performance enhancer. Merritt, a sprinter known for reaching the finish line in record time, had hoped the pills would… oh, never mind. 

This Week in Sex

Sex offenders barred from celebrating Halloween

Registered sex offenders across the country have been barred from handing out candy to kids on Halloween — despite evidence that Halloween is one of the safest nights of the year. Americans seem determined to cling to the 1950s caricature of a creepy old man with a mustache and a bowl of candy. (A county in Iowa has considered outlawing trenchcoats for men over forty. Okay, that's not actually true.) 

This Week in Sex

Russian spy Anna Chapman poses on the cover of Maxim Russia

Anna Chapman — the Russian spy who was deported by the U.S. government earlier this year — continues to pursue her career as a real-life Bond girl. She posed this month on the cover of Russian Maxim, a periodical that looks like a carbon copy of its American comrade in the struggle to see lots of boobies.