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Kinect sex, porn-stealing cops, and the metaphor that will destroy the way you look at butterflies — and sex — forever.

Kinect sex games due "within the month"

Another day, another technological development repurposed for sexiness. Kinect — the Xbox add-on that uses webcams (and all sorts of other complex stuff) to allow users to play Xbox without a controller — will be used for sex games. The technology is still nascent, but it seems likely that within the near future, you will be able to stand naked in the middle of your living room and have virtual sex with your television screen. The future is here, folks, and it's terrifying.

This Week in Sex

Breast-cancer-awareness campaign asks for topless photos

Given the direction breast-cancer-awareness ads have moved in the last couple years, this hardly seems surprising: an online magazine in New Zealand is asking women to submit topless pictures to their website. It's really just a hop, skip, and jump from those "Great Boobs are Worth Fighting For" spots. Next year, health officials have announced plans to replace the ubiquitous pink ribbons with Mardi Gras beads.

This Week in Sex

Sex-surrogate couple has slept with nearly 5,500 people

A profile of this couple — a man-woman team who both work as sexual surrogates — has been taking the internet by storm. Because over the course of their careers, they've had sex with more than five-thousand people, and a lot of people think that's terrible and wrong. (Which, in sex-related news, is code for "a secretly awesome thing I'm jealous of.")

This Week in Sex

Cop stole home sex tape and photos from a man's phone after arresting him

Embarrassing incidents involving homemade sex tapes are a dime a dozen these days. But a lot of the time, the victims seem to deserve it at least a little. I mean, you took pictures of your penis and texted them to a stranger — what did you think was going to happen? This story, however, legitimately sucks. Having your porn stolen by a cop is almost as bad as having porn stolen by your dad. Which is the worst.

This Week in Sex

2010 Bad Sex in Fiction Award given to British novelist

British novelist Rowan Somerville won the 2010 Bad Sex in Fiction Award this week, beating out such distinguished contenders as Jonathan Franzen and Tony Blair. The choice phrase from the winning caption compared lovemaking to "a lepidopterist mounting a tough-skinned insect with a too blunt pin." One more reason to skip Great Britain on your sexual tour of the world.

This Week in Sex

German company designs video game you play with your penis

Leave it to the Germans to take shit to the next level. In the never-ending war to convince kids to use condoms, a new game has players put on some sort of digitized condom, and then use their penises to battle an HIV-monster. All humor aside, none of us actually understand how the hell that works. Unless German boys have prehensile dicks.

This Week in Sex

Scientists discover promiscuous gene

"Your Mom" jokes just got real, kids. Sexy scientists have just discovered a heritable gene that may be responsible for "promiscuous sexual behavior" (read: sluttiness). The gene is also linked to alcoholism, gambling, and political liberalism (or, as one irreverent writer put it, "fun").

This Week in Sex

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson Breaking Dawn Sex Scene

Breaking Dawn sex scene took twelve hours

Vampire sex is probably the only interesting thing about the Twilight series. Which is why we're somewhat interested in the fact that it apparently took twelve naked hours to film the Kristen Stewart/Rob Pattinson scene in Breaking Dawn. Those books are such hotbeds of religious guilt and repressed sexuality, the actual boning is probably pretty hot.

This Week in Sex

Birth control pills may be to blame for a fertility crisis

A story on birth-control pills in New York magazine suggests that they might be responsible — in part — for the fertility troubles lots of women face today. Which kind of makes sense, when you think about what the pill does. Of course, that didn't stop a lot of commenters from getting very upset about it. Birth control is apparently right up there with pubic-hair trimming and rat abuse in its ability to rouse controversy.

This Week in Sex

Alaska STD-infection rate is "skyrocketing"

Confession: I take pleasure in bad things happening in Alaska, under the very dubious premise that this somehow makes Sarah Palin look bad. Thus, it's with a not-so heavy heart that I share this: the state has skyrocketing rates of gonorrea and also among the highest rate of chlamydia in the nation. The head of the state's STD/HIV prevention program said, "I am surprised the numbers haven't declined." Somehow, I'm not.