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This Week in Sex: Nov 5

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Pornographic statues, naked college students, and what we sincerely hope is the last time we ever write the name “Christine O’Donnell.”

Sarah Palin Porn

Republican victories are good for at least one thing — porn.

Tuesday’s Midterm election was good news for Republicans, Fox News, and the people who make porn  at least in red states. According to a new study, the vicarious thrill of winning, whether a sporting event or a political election, leads to a rise in testosterone levels in men. Hence, porn. Instances of people stopping to ask for directions dropped precipitously.  


This Week in Sex

Prince of Brunei Sex Trophies

Prince of Brunei wants his sex statues barred from court

The legal issues underpinning this story aren’t terribly interesting: an absurdly wealthy man is suing his absurdly wealthy wife and her lawyers. What is pretty funny is that in the process, the opposition has made public the life-sized sex sculptures he commissioned  featuring the “muscular” and “well-endowed prince” in medias sex. Why make a lousy sex tape when you’re rich enough to have your trysts wrought in bronze?


This Week in Sex

Sexually Active Teenagers - Justin Beiber and Kim Kardashian

Study: Oral sex among teens leads to sex sex.  

This week, the sexy science community is oddly aflutter over this study’s findings: most teenagers who have oral sex will move on to actual sex within six months. Even more will do so within two years. Amidst much hand-wringing, the study goes on to acknowledge the horrifying truth: blowjobs or not, pretty much everyone loses their virginity eventually.


This Week in Sex

Canadian minister seeks to ban Craigslist’s “Erotic Services” ads

Just like the US did, Canada has called on Craigslist to drop its “Erotic Services” ads. Prostitution is technically legal in Canada, but most of the activities surrounding it (like brothels) are still illegal, and so it remains unregulated. It’s not clear whether Craigslist will permit the bartering of sexual services for non-monetary good, such as beaver pelts or maple syrup.


This Week in Sex

Neanderthals had more sex than you

A new study of the finger lengths of early hominids suggests that they were much more promiscuous than humans are today. It’s just like that jock in high school who always had better luck with women, despite your alternative taste in music and precocious knowledge of Nietzsche. But don’t worry, he too will get his evolutionary comeuppance.


This Week in Sex

Vagina-based video game will expand to include penis option

The first-person video game Privates, which centers "on a horrific journey deep inside a woman's reproductive organs" to kill STDs, has added a downloadable penis extension. First person video games like this are often called “shooters” by the gaming community. However, for some reason, the obvious headline “Penis now available for vagina shooter” felt unsavory.


This Week in Sex

Czech college students start nude cleaning service

A co-ed group of college students in the Czech Republic created a business that caters to busy, lusty professionals, to protest the lack of student jobs. We only wish that more acts of protest so neatly merged two of our favorite virtues: cleanliness and nakedliness.


This Week in Sex

Kanye West Nude Photos

Everything Kanye does — even his missteps — is foretold in song.

That picture of a penis that’s been floating around the internet has been confirmed as Mr. West’s. And while we’re pretty sick of famous-penis fiascoes, his response was priceless. When asked, Kanye stated that he only “raps reality,” and pointed to the lyrics of his song “Runaway,” which make a subtle reference to the event. (The line says, “I sent this girl a picture of my dick.”)


This Week in Sex

One woman in four would pay for sex, according to study

In New Zealand, at least. The study, conducted by an ex-MP and her business partner, was conducted because the pair want to open the world’s first all-male brothel geared towards women. “Lady sex tourists” will now join hiking enthusiasts and Lord of the Rings freaks on the short list of people with a reason to go to New Zealand.


This Week in Sex

Christine O'Donell One Night Stand

Christine O'Donnell's one-night stand identified

Last week, everyone read with horror/glee the account of anti-masturbation nutjob Christine O’Donnell’s one-night stand. This week, the scallywag who bed the former Senate candidate came forward. We smiled at Christine O’Donnell’s embarrassment, and then went back to eagerly anticipating to the day when we no longer remember who she is.