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This Week In Sex: “Down-Under” Edition

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Grandmother's breasts, male prostitutes, and the sweetest story about foot fetishes we've ever heard.

Chloe Sevigny

Chloe Sevigny wants you to pull her hair

Chloe Sevigny — Big Love star and onetime "coolest person in the world" — has decided that America needs to hear more about her sex life. First, she burst forth talking about the therapy she needed after blowing Vincent Gallo in The Brown Bunny, and then talked to Playboy about how she likes beards and sex on the rougher end of the spectrum. It's totally gratuitous careerism… not that we mind.

This Week In Sex: "Down-Under" Edition


Public nudity is "on the rise" in Singapore

Singapore, a city best known for punishing gum-chewers and paddling graffiti artists, is apparently a very stressful place to live. So much so that sometimes, you've got to let it all go. How else to explain a recent epidemic of public nudity — up twenty-two percent from last year and steadily climbing since 2007? In a hilariously Singaporean twist, most nudists seem to disrobe and then resume business as usual. Last week, a man took off all his clothes, bought a cup of coffee, and headed off to work, before being arrested.

This Week In Sex: "Down-Under" Edition

Vaginal Steam Bath

Vaginal steam baths all the rage in LA

Is your vagina exhausted? Does it need a day off after the stress of the holiday season? Do you have the faintest clue what that could possibly mean? Neither do I, but, if you've got some disposable income and a free afternoon in LA, why not find out at a vaginal steam bath? I'd imagine the rest of your body gets steamed, too.

This Week In Sex: "Down-Under" Edition

Rex Ryan and Wife

Rex Ryan's defends his wife's leaked foot-fetish video

Rex Ryan — coach of the NY Jets and known badass — was in the news yesterday after some (very mild) foot-fetish videos of his wife's leaked onto YouTube. No one has confirmed or denied anything, but it seems like they're legit. And honestly, not that big of a deal. We'll take cute-if-kinky marital shenanigans over Brett Favre's obnoxious penis any day of the week.

This Week In Sex: "Down-Under" Edition

Tickle Me Elmo

Tickle Me Elmo is a "sure-fire way to cause sexual fetishism"

Pyschology Today has released a list of vintage toys that will scar the precious minds of your children. We're pretty sure it's a joke, even though humorous lists aren't PT's standard fare. And yet, Tickle Me, Elmo has always seemed a little off to us.

This Week In Sex: "Down-Under" Edition

Soldiers Kissing

Don't Ask, Don't Tell repealed, finally

Gay men and women will finally be allowed to serve openly in our armed forces. Advocates rejoiced, Barack Obama looked cool, and conservatives gave voice to their obsessions with the idea of gay men and straight men showering together.

This Week In Sex: "Down-Under" Edition

Anna Chapman

Anna Chapman's unauthorized photos to appear in Playboy

Unauthorized pictures of the failed Russian spy and real-life Bond girl, Anna Chapman, will be appearing in January's print edition of Playboy magazine. The photos, which were online earlier this year, will likely lay to rest a months-long fascination with the attractive, red-headed lady. This may well be the last time you ever read her name. In fact, this might be last time you ever hear the words "Russian spy."

This Week In Sex: "Down-Under" Edition

Sex Party

Brazilian tourism minister used government money for a sex party

A Brazilian minister is being accused of using government funds to pay for a few nights at a sex hotel. The minister claimed that he used the room for official business with political advisers. A Brazilian paper published pictures of the room, which had a private sauna, bright-pink walls, and, of course, a circular bed.

This Week In Sex: "Down-Under" Edition

Grandma's Boobs

Air New Zealand pulls ad that refers to Grandma's boobs

Air New Zealand has been forced to pull a series of advertisements deemed offensive by the hand-wringing public. The ads are plugging airfare "that's lower than Grandma's boobs." Now, I'd hardly call that offensive. But it is a little juvenile, and definitely kind of rude.

This Week In Sex: "Down-Under" Edition


New Zealand Brothel hiring male prostitutes — for women

A brothel in New Zealand, the first, legal one of its kind to focus on straight women, has put out ads for male prostitutes. They will be paid around $176 an hour for their labors and attend training courses to hone their skill-sets. While there are surely some excited Kiwis, the existence of this historic whorehouse is about as big a victory for feminism as Sarah Palin running for president would be.