The “Fucksaw” professor apologizes, sort of

Northwestern professor John Michael Bailey apologized for the outcry he caused by having a live sex-toy demonstration in class. He said he was sorry for the negative press the demo brought the university. In the same breath, he maintained that he was justified in his decision and that the class had educational value. Lackluster public apologies are pretty funny. But not nearly as funny as the fact that this guy will forever be known as “Professor Fucksaw.”

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Mar 11 11 - 3:03pm

There was a lovely book called "Femalia" on the market a few years ago, which had nothing but pictures of vaginas. That one *was* both erotica and art.

Mar 11 11 - 6:14pm

I love that it was someone's actual paying job to assemble and photograph the power tool dildo for the "Fucksaw" photo. Their to-do list was: 1) retouch photos for Nerve piece. 2) get giant photogenic dildo for Fucksaw (pinkish color?)