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This Week in Sex: Year-end edition

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Rich athletes, naked actresses, and the nine craziest sex headines of 2010.

New site, BallerAlert, helps women sleep with, con rich athletes

It’s an age-old problem: you’re a hardworking Jersey girl who’s finally managed to sleep with a professional football player, and now, reasonably, you want some goddamn diamonds. Is it appropriate to blackmail him with sexy photos — before he heads home for the off-season — or should you play it classy? A new site, Baller Alert, provides a much-needed forum for the athletically inclined starfuckers among us. Because life is hard.

This Week in Sex: Year-end edition

Brett Favre will be fined, not suspended for penis-texting scandal

Speaking of hard (rimshot!), under the NFL’s personal conduct policy, Brett Favre will be fined for sending pictures of his penis to Jenn Sterger. The fine is likely to be announced today; however, reports have it that the quarterback will not be suspended. In perhaps equally unfortunate news, Brett Favre’s penis is officially the most-discussed body part of 2010, a distinction it hardly deserves.

This Week in Sex: Year-end edition

Michelle Williams is proud of her sex scene with Ryan Gosling

Michelle Williams’ sex scene with Ryan Gosling in Blue Valentine, out today, is still getting press. In a new interview, the actress talked about how the pair lived together during the movie’s oddly literal chronological filming and how proud she is of their scene together. In somewhat related news, everyone who’s seen the movie says it’s stressful, depressing, and about as sexy as the slow death of something beautiful.

This Week in Sex: Year-end edition

Natalie Portman is engaged and pregnant

Just a few months after ending her “no-sexy roles” policy — and then appearing in the news non-stop for Black Swan’s oral sex scenes — Natalie Portman wants you to stop thinking about her in a sexy way. How else are we to interpret the fact that she’s not only getting married — to Black Swan choreographer Benjamin Millepied — but pregnant?

This Week in Sex: Year-end edition

Study: women think more about food than sex

A new study says that women think about food more than they think about sex. The same study also claims that most women feel uncomfortable eating in front of partners, and also, undressing in front of their partners, because they feel overweight. Which means they probably can’t even enjoy eating when they do it alone. And that sucks, since food is delicious.

This Week in Sex: Year-end edition

Kmart accidentally sells porn to children

A New Mexico family is considering pressing charges against their local Kmart after a DVD they bought for their nine-year-old daughter turned out to be porn. Kmart is claiming that the DVD was a return, and that whoever made the return (porn and a children’s movie — one-stop shopping!) mixed up the box. The NM girl ran crying to her parents after finding the DVD in her Christmas stocking. Which is terrible, but also in keeping with my belief that Christmas isn’t Christmas without a little bit of emotional damage.

This Week in Sex: Year-end edition

Hugh Hefner gets engaged to his twenty-four-year-old girlfriend

Playboy founder and very, very old person Hugh Hefner has gotten engaged to Crystal Harris, sixty years his junior. If you find that mildly off-putting but not totally unexpected, you’re not alone. However, in writing about this story, we also found this totally terrifying description of Hugh’s preferred sex practices. Warning: it’s not safe for humans.

This Week in Sex: Year-end edition

The ten craziest sex stories of 2010

And finally, as it’s is the last day of 2010, it seemed relevant to end with this — a list of the ten craziest sex-related headlines of the year. A man spends eighteen-thousand dollars to make a sex-doll replica of his ex, the Italian PM spends ninety-five grand to reattach penises to palace art, and a British man uses his government welfare check to visit a Dutch prostitute. Happy 2011, everyone!