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12 Days of Irresistible

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If holiday hunk hunting is your thing (and yes, the holidays are ideal for snagging a sexy new friend), then look no further than cookies: sweet, warm, home-baked, irresistible cookies.

Whether you’re a natural baker or not — and I definitely fall on the not side here — making cookies and toting them along to work, holiday parties, the bar, or just about wherever is a fantastic way to have all eyes on your delicious, goodie-distributing self.

Thank goodness for the Food Network’s 12 Days of Cookies, which’ll give you all the inspiration you need:

The deliciousness starts today with gingerbread men, and it’s a fact that no one can resist molasses and sugar icing.

Take it from a girl who is thoroughly addicted to the Food Network — baking will most definitely get you some action.

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