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A Bean Bag Built for Two

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I still remember my first French kiss: a pack of mints, a copy of Pump Up the Volume on VHS, and an awkwardly under-sized bean bag chair. Even nostalgia doesn’t change the fact that two lovebirds in a bean bag for one just isn’t a pretty sight. Now, for those of us who relish the steamier moments of our middle school days, there’s a bean bag chair built for couples.

The Sumo Couples bean bag is a full-sized love lounge for the big kid in all of us. It’s made with micro-suede for smooth tumbling and, um, easy cleaning, and it comes with a no-go-flat guarantee. If only fourteen year-old you could foresee that those wild bean bag fantasies would one day come to fruition…

[$229, Sumo]

[via Boing Boing]