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A Bod That Won’t Quit…Without the Gym Membership

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I don’t know about you, but I find it hard to maintain this bod when I’m working 14-hour days. Wednesday night pilates? Out the window. Salsa and belly dancing? Sayonara. Nowadays, the most exercise I get is when I carry my laundry to the washing machines next door.

And it shows.

The muumuus I’ve been wearing to hide my muffin top are obviously not attracting anybody. What to do!?

Instead of watching the Melt It Off! with Mitch infomercial over and over again (as…erm…I’ve been doing), may I suggest something a bit more proactive, and a lot less pricey than actually joining a gym?


FitDeck is a company that sells “exercise playing cards,” with decks designed for a wide range of workouts. I like the Office deck (see examples above), because I never leave my apartment…or my ergonomic chair, for that matter. But there are also decks for yoga, pilates, stretch, medicine ball moves, pull-ups, etc.

Decks generally run between $9.95 (for 26-card decks) and $14.95 (for 56-card decks), though there is also a Superman deck for $16.95.

This is cheap as hell, especially when you consider the cost of most gym memberships these days.

So…bye-bye muffin top?

[Via Outblush]