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A Briefcase for All Your Vices

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Getting attention on your morning commute can be tough. Everyone is tired, wearing dressy clothes similar in style, walking around with a boring old briefcase or messenger bag.

However, a bag that isn’t your typical business-y briefcase can definitely get you noticed.

These custom semi-rigid briefcases from Palmer and Sons should be the perfect conversation starter to make you stand out from all the other commuters.

Perfectly designed with fine detailing and an assortment of leathers, no two bags will be exactly alike. Choose one of the three different sizes, pick your leather, interior, and any other option you’d want. Allot room for work documents and playtime accordingly.

Just make up the rest of your appearance measures up to your briefcase.

[$475, Palmer and Sons]


[$555, Palmer and Sons]


[$435, Palmer and Sons]

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