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A (Clean) Step Ahead of the Competition

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If two guys, one with nice toes and one without, all else equal, approaches a girl, whom does she pick?


I seriously don’t understand how gross feet isn’t a total turn-off for girls. I mean, even I get grossed out when I see guys with long toenails, corns, gunk, dry skin, etc. (which is exactly why I don’t wear flip-flops).


Apparently, lots of men think it’s “gay” to get pedicures. So it’s much better to just continue through life with disgusting toes and bunion-ed heels?


There is nothing wrong with getting a pedicure, guys! It feels amazing. You sit in a massaging chair while a little ethnic woman scrubs away all the grossness and makes your feet look presentable. Just don’t get the clear coat, because it will be noticeable. I once made this mistake. That was a tough hole to dig myself out of.


You will have great, presentable feet and no one will be the wiser.