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A Creepy Crawly Come-on

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If it’s your first time bringing a new person back to your pad, here’s a rule of thumb when it comes to insects: bugs running free and your date will think you’re filthy, and head for the door. Bugs encased in plexiglass, on the other hand, and your date will find you irresistibly outré. Make sure to score the latter impression with a can of Raid and one of these tarantula, beetle, or centipede specimens to grace your bedside table. I found mine at Darr, a home décor shop in Brooklyn’s Boerum Hill neighborhood. 

Purveyor of all things spine-tingling and sexy, Darr has the feel of a fusty old curio shop. Every item in this well-curated store, from the rusty filing cabinets and the Japanese infantry helmet to the upright taxidermied bear and the antique earthworm anatomy poster, is a provocative conversation piece, perfect for bringing out the chatterbox in even the most reticent date. In that light, shopping for oddities and decorating your home with a few curiosity-piquing odds and ends is less grandmotherly and more like a dating strategy. 

The encased insects, for their part, made their way to Brooklyn from a vendor in South America. Dai Sakai, who works the register at Darr, says they’re perfect for small, intimate spaces where they’ll draw attention. He recommends the bathroom because “It will look so odd.” We, on the other hand, say the bedroom. Hey, it worked for Beetlejuice.