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A Cushion to Capture Hearts

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It’s an age-old question of distinct importance: can one piece of furniture vastly improve your love life?

The answer is — resoundingly — yes; not only that, but the piece of furniture in question is once again available, for not a whole lot of cash. Allow me to introduce the velvet floor cushion:

A friend of mine has one of these in her apartment, and I’ll be honest here: this thing is so freakin’ comfortable you can’t not roll around on it, with or without a partner. She bought it about a year ago at Urban Outfitters, then they promptly stopped selling it (very bad news for a very envious me). But UO has officially brought the velvet floor cushion back, and I’m already waiting for mine to arrive.

Drag this puppy out when you’ve got a hot date coming over, and that movie screening is pretty much guaranteed to turn into something a little more interesting. This cushion might, in fact, be the affordable version of the ergonomically-correct sex chair I posted about a while ago. 

So. Excited. And trust me — you will be, too.

[$100, Urban Outfitters]