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A Love Connection Through Projection

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You and your date are having an awesome time and, of course, internet videos come up in the conversation. You’re telling your date about the most awesome Keyboard Cat video and he/she is telling you about the idiocy of Vivian Girls. What would bring you two closer together than reliving these moments together? But drats, all you have is your iPhone and you simply can’t continue your date without sharing the awesomeness of Steve Brule’s Last Resort Fighting! Enlist the MiLi Pro to your advantage.

The MiLi Pro is a projector that works with most iPhones and iPods. With its ability to display clearly at 40 inches at resolution of 480p and a speaker, this is all you need to cozy up and watch some funny internet videos when you’re not at home. I’d like to think that internet videos are the way to someone’s heart, but maybe that’s just me.


[$300, Phone Suit]

[via DVICE]