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A Moroccan Fantasy

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If you and your date are into the exotic, wild, scandalous, and expensive, then it seems like Le Souk Harem may be your type of first date location.

No matter what type of date it is, the three-level Le Souk Harem, which is re-opening in the East Village, has it covered.

Downstairs is its casual bistro setting with outdoor seating, but when you’re ready to get serious with your date, you better take it up to the middle level where you’ll eat delicious French-Moroccan food and smoke hookah in beds and tents. Perfect for those intimate conversations and make-out sessions away from strangers’ eyes.

And for entertainment, make your way up to the third floor for their Arabian Circus.

Just try not to flirt with the belly dancers.

[Le Souk Harem]

[via Urban Daddy]