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A Tote of a Different Color

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I was at a house party last weekend when a friend showed up with her usual four bottles of Trader Joe’s Two Buck Chuck nestled safely in this little number. The handsome mug on the bag is none other than her friend Will’s, transposed from his dashing headshot. (Complete with his autograph in a saucy teal, naturally.) She says she gets stopped on the street all the time asking where people can get one of their own, and just who is that guy? 
So where can you find one of your own? The bag was made by a screen printing company called Bird Apartment Printing and Design. Based out of Pennsylvania, the design company uses  exclusively solvent-free water-based inks and biodegradable cleaning products. So while you’re ordering thrity bags with your brother’s mug shot from that time he and his friends got arrested for exposing themselves at the town Memorial Day parade, you’ll be going green at the same time.
So, if you’re not sure what to get that attention-seeker of an older sister for her birthday, remember that the glamour shots she posed for in high school sure would look nice slung around her arm.